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About the project

Halored offers LED light sources, luminaires, profiles and smart controls that help save energy and reduce installation and replacement costs.

Halored’s vision was clear: to maintain the essence of the existing logo while updating all other aspects of its visual identity. The result? A new, clean and modern brand that not only meets but exceeds their expectations of professionalism and visual appeal.

One of the main changes was in terms of their colors and the usability of the elements. We updated the color palette to convey a greater sense of professionalism and seriousness for the client. The transition from bright green to a more subdued and mature variation, with the addition of a deep green, creates a color palette that exudes professionalism and seriousness, placing our client in an even more reputable and respected light in their industry.

In the past, it was not possible to easily adapt brand elements across platforms. With our new rebranding, we have ensured that the designs are versatile and can be integrated into all media channels.

Images about the project

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